Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top 75 List: Girl 2 - Tori Black

So here we are after a week to start again! At the last update we got to know Bibi Jones - the second girl on the competition for one of the 25 remaining spots on the Top 100 list.

Since we are at a Sunday today we will get to know the second girl who is already on the Top 100 List!

Different from the girls on the Competition List and the Eliminated Girls I'm not really following a schedule with the girls who are already on my list! I will just pick them as I want. Sooner or later you will get to know all the 75 girls!

So let's get to it! The girl I chose to go today is definitely one of the most popular and famous pornstar nowadays. I think it's a pretty easy one since I talked about her a lot on the Allie Haze post. Yes! I'm talking about the gorgeous and perfect Tori Black!

 Hot Tori Black and amazing smile!

I'm a big, huge fan of many and many beautiful girls of so many different types. Tori however has been a favourite of mine since I put my eyes on her and that's been a long time ago. When I first saw her I wasn't even a porn fan yet. I only knew something about 5 or 10 girls at the time I saw her but for the first moment I knew she was a special one and to be honest I couldn't even believe she was really a pornstar. As I said many times right know I have 75 girls on my favourite list but I think Tori is on the top spot when it comes to beauty and to the "whole package" (only tied with another 3 or 4 girls who are on the same level as her to me).

 Tori receiving one of her many awards! Check out her awards and nominations!

It's hard to even begin talking about Tori. I think I can't even put down on a few words how pretty and spetacular that girls is. I think we can start talking about her face and smile. They're just perfect. I think her smile is so beautiful and natural! She looks perfect even at "normal" pictures.

Tori Black smile

But her smile is not the only thing that makes her so amazing. I think it's the whole look she can produce. She can look like a nasty, sexy pornstar who is ready to action and at the same time can look like an inoccent and naive girl. Her face when she is about to have an orgasm is also from another world!
In my opinion Tori is so complete and amazing that every look she puts on suits her perfectly.

Tori Black sexy look

 Tori Black bending over with a soft and amazing look

 Tori Black Orgasm

Tori Black's body is just as amazing as her face: she is something around 1,75m with long legs, amazing butt and a pair of natural and perfect boobies. I love the "porn-star" look that many girls have with great  bodies and giant fake tits but I got say that my favourite girls are more natural and slim. That's the case here. Every picture of Tori bending over or on her knees can drive my insane. Her long legs along with her pretty ass makes a fantastic combination!

 Tori Black legs and ass.

But that's not all. She also has one of the sweetest and prettiest pussies on the world. It looks so tasty. There's not a lot to say. It is better just to show how perfect that woman is.

 Tori's pussy after being fucked. One of my favourites scenes of her!

I could probably go on over and over talking about Tori's perfection. Even selecting the pictures that will complete this post was really difficult. I ended up with 15 pictures! Many of them are from one of my favourite Tori Black shots: her first scene at Fucking Machines, an awesome site!
Anyway Tori has made a lot of scenes...girl-girl, hardcore, anal, interracial...bu now she is on a break. She is only 23 yeard old and I think she will be back sooner or later. If she is done I think we have nothing to complain about. She did a lot of great scenes!

I think that's it. In my opinion Tori Black should have a spot on every porn fan favourite girls list! She is definitely guaranteed on my list!

  Tori's happiness and another perfect smile
Name: Tori Black
Birth Date: 26/08/1988
Country: USA
Height: 1,75
Find Her:
Tori on Freeones
Tori on IAFD 
Tori on Twitter

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