Monday, April 8, 2013

Eliminated Girl 7: Gianna Michaels

Hello again! And it's monday! It is time to eliminate another beautiful girl of the competition!

Following Flower Tucci's goodbye, we have to eliminate a girl whitch name begins with the letter G.

The girl that I chose is a real big star..Gianna Michaels!

Gianna Michaels and her milk bottle
Gianna Michaels is clearly a great pornstar. She has been an all time favourite of many people and her Freeones rank is really consistent and high (she is currentely at nÂș10). But Gianna is a big example of diversity of taste. I think it's pretty cool to see that not everyone likes a pornstar so popular like her. It will happen to a lot of great pornstars that I've yet to analyze and I know some people will consider me crazy. But as I said before diversity is what gives eveyone's opinion importance and meaning.

Gianna is not a new girl to me. She has been on the business since 2004 and has more than four hundred scenes on her gallery. Just like Flower Tucci, last eliminated girl, I know Gianna for years and years.
My first contact with her was on one of my favourite sites, FTV Girls. She is known as Becky there.

 Gianna Michaels as Becky on her FTV Shot

At that point I think I already made it clear that girls with a little extra weight are not my favourites. I absolutely can't call Gianna a fat girl but I'm more into skinny girls.She is hot on her way and her contless fans are proof enough of it.

As a big, big fan of gorgeous and big boobies I have to give some credit to Gianna Michaels. She has an absolutely amazing pair of natural and giant boobies. They're really hot.

Yet a girl can't be counted only by her boobies. I'm not the biggest fan of Gianna's face. She has amazing eyes and a slutty look that really pleases me but something always bothers me on her face. Don't know if it's her strange nose or just the combination of little things. But no, I don't think she is pretty.

 Gianna Michaels licks her amazing boobies. Not enough.

 I'm not a fan of Gianna but I also have to admit: she has an incredible big ass. Both Flower Tucci and Gianna Michaels are well known for her big and delicious asses. But Gianna also has the giant boobies so she has the advantage.

Gianna's enormous ass

I really don't have a lot to say about Gianna because she never conviced me and I think I only watched two of her scenes. I've seen her on a few lesbian scenes among her hundreds of movies and that's another negative point for her. She has more than four hundred movies and really few lesbian scenes. She could gain some points with me if she was more into girls. Deauxma, another girl that I chose to eliminated is a perfect example: I'm not into mature woman and she is not great to me either but her countless lesbian scenes made the decision of cutting her from the competition a lot more painful.

 Gianna shoud definitely fuck more girls!

That huge ass, the beautiful pussy, the perfect boobies and that slutty face should take Gianna to my favourite list but taste is taste and she is definitely eliminated. I'm sure she is not going to miss me either because she has a lot of fans and a really good spot at the porn business.

Gianna Michaels says good-bye!

Name: Gianna Michaels
Birth Date: 06/06/1983
Country: USA
Height: 1,78
Find Her:
Gianna Michaels on Freeones
Gianna Michaels on IAFD
Gianna Michaels on Twitter

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top 75 List: Girl 3 - Shyla Jennings

Here we are after a long hiatus! Let's get back on track as soon as possible! There is a lot to catch up with! Our last update presented Dylan Ryder, the fourth girl on the Competition List, seeking for one of the 25 open spots on my Top 100 List.

Today we are going to talk about a girl who is already safe at my all time favourite list. Today's girl is not as popular as Tori Black, the second girl on my Top 100 List but it's definitely a big star on the business and - despite the fact that she only does girl-girl and solo stuff - I'm pretty sure she can become a huge star.

Today's girl name is...Shyla Jennings!
 Shyla Jennings and her lovely face

Shyla's beauty is really different. According to informations everywhere she was born in Germany but soon moved to the USA. I don't know if that's the origin of her different and amazing look but she really drives me insane. I love her little eyes, her pretty face and her beautiful body. Even though it's not a slin body like many of my favourite girls (Meggan Mallone and Tori Black are perfect examples: both of them have this kind of body), Shyla is hot on her own way and that's enough to me.

I think it's kind of funny because even though she has been on my favourite list for some years I only became a true fan of her after I saw her on video. To be true I had a little resistance on getting more pictures and videos of her beause of her body style. That resistance was destroyed as soon as I watched her on scene for the first time. It's not only that she is really hot and has an amazing body: she actually is a great person. She has that joy and happiness that flows out of her and captives anyone. Even though she is already twenty-seven years she can easily be treated as a 18 years old girl, not only because of her perfect face but because of her behaviour and manners. 

Shyla Jennings smiles

I really think Shyla has a glow that makes her such a special girl. She is always happy and smiling. I also love the way that even though she is seen in a lot of scenes as a pretty young girl she also can play the role of the amazing hot and sexy woman. Her expression can turn from the innocent girl smile to the sexy look in a few seconds. Because of that amazing quality she has done a lot of movies and scenes with older woman. I really wasn't a fan of those scenes but thanks to Shyla and her ways I now watch every scene she is featured in.

Shyla's expressions: from innocent girl to sexy woman in seconds

 Shyla also gets another few points with me because she only does girl-girl scenes and solo stuff. Another sorry for the hardcore fans but I really can't see Shyla sucking a dick on screen and I'm pretty happy with her career so far. She has already shared the screen with many, many beautiful girls but one of my all-time favourite scenes is Shyla Jennings - Celeste Star - featured in Women Seeking Women 69 by Girlfriend Films. This is one of the most amazing scenes Shyla ever shooted and I can guarantee: it is worth every second.

Screen shot of the Shyla Jennings - Celeste Star incredible scene

So let's talk a little bit more about Shyla's body. As I said before she does not fit in the slim bodies category and yet she is so, so hot! She has an all natural body, beautiful legs, nice little tits and a beautiful ass.

Let's begin with her ass. It's not the biggest butt or the most bubbly butt but it is pretty amazing. Shyla's butt fits just perfect for her body type and size and it can be counted as an important factor on her beauty.

 Shyla's amazing ass

Her legs are as beautiful as her whole body and face.

 Shyla's pretty legs

We're not done yet. Shyla's little boobies are also worth talking about. Yes, she doesn't have big fake tits or natural big breasts but her boobies are just perfect. I think she is perfect from her toes to her hair and even though we have a large amount of beautiful girls on the porn business I do think it's really hard to achieve what Shyla has achieved (at least for me): complete perfection. I do like a lot of girls but most of them have something missing and even the ones that have everything in place don't appeal as much as they should to me. Shyla does everything for me.

 Shyla's boobies are just perfect!

I do think it's also important to pay some attention to her gorgeous pussy. I simply can't describe it and all I can do is let you check it for yourself:

No words for Shyla's pussy

Well I think it's pretty much it. Shyla Jennings is completely safe at my Top 100 List. I can only hope Shyla continues to do a lot of girl-girl scenes with the hottest girls around! 

  Shyla's beauty
Name: Shyla Jennings
Birth Date: 16/06/1985
Country: Germany
Height: 1,57
Find Her:
Tori on Freeones
Tori on IAFD 
Tori on Twitter

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girl On The Competition 4: Dylan Ryder

Long time no see everybody! I've been really busy but I will try to update the blog as much as I can! Following our second update friday we have a new Girl On The Competition today!

After getting to know a little bit more about our first three contenders (Allie Haze, Bibi Jones and Casey Chase) it is time to know our D-contender and 4th girl on the competition...and that girl is...Dylan Ryder!

Dylan Ryder amazing body

Dylan Ryder was in the industry for a long time (7 years) and I definitely took a long time to find her out. Unfortunately she retired a couple of weeks or days ago from now. Yet she left a lot of scenes to us and I think those will have to be enough. 

Dylan is already 31 years old but it is in perfect shape. In fact I do think she looks even hottier because of her age and amazing mature body. If I found her out when she was 25 or 26 I think it wouldn't be the same. Simply because in my humble opinion there are many girls at this age that looks better than Dylan.

What I really mean is that this 30-something look in this case adds even more to the girl. Dylan is pretty amazing. I love her big pair of boobies and her whole body.

Dylan's boobies are great

Although there's something about her face that kept her away at the first instance from my Top 100 List, I have to admit that she has a perfect look. I like both her short hair and her long hair. As I said I think what kept her away from my list was her face at the start. But I also must admit that she knows how to do some face expressions that drives me crazy. That's why she is on the competition and have some chances of crack into my Top 100.

 Dylan's short and long hair. Looking awesome on both ways. Her face on the second picture is perfect!

Besides her boobies and her face Dylan has more strong points. Her pussy is really beautiful and looks really tight.

 Dylan's pussy. So hot

I also like her strong, long legs (she is 1,75m tall):

 Dylan Ryder long legs

And I think that she really doesn't have the best butt on the business but her ass is really, really pretty too:

Dylan' ass

All of these factors make Dylan one hell of a girl and she definitely has a chance on this competition! The competition will get tougher and tougher but Dylan is a strong name!

 Dylan Ryder

Name: Dylan Ryder
Birth Date: 23/02/1991
Country: USA
Height: 1,75
Find Her:
Dylan Ryder on Freeones 
Dylan Ryder on IAFD  
Dylan Ryder on Twitter

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Updates 2

Friday time again!! Friday is the Update Day! There are many updates to be done on the charts so let's go!

The Top 100 List that had only Meggan Mallone as a member now has the company of the lovely Tori Black! Only next sunday we will find out who is the third girl on the Top 100 List. Let's take a look at the chart:

Meggan and Tori already have the company of another 73 beautiful girls. The thing that really matters here is the fight for one of the 25 open spots. The Competition List is made by the girls who can become part of The Top 100 List. So far we have three girls on that list: Allie Haze, Bibi Jones and Casey Chase. Those three amazing girls show how tough it's gonna be to choose only 25 new favourite girls. Here's The Competition List:

And the last chart is the Eliminated Girls List. We have six names on the list. Some were really tough to let go and others a little bit easier. In the end it really takes some effort to let all of those girls say good-bye to the competition. The six girls who already left the competition are: Ashlyn Rae, Brandy Talore, Carmella Bing, Deauxma, Eve Laurence and Flower Tucci. See the chart below:

That's what we have so far! Six eliminated girls, three girls on the competition and two already safe at the Top 100 List! Where do you think your favourite star will be?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eliminated Girl 6: Flower Tucci

Hello again! Let's move on! There are hundreds of girls to analyze yet!
Today is thurday and that means we have to eliminate another girl.

After Eve Laurence, we have to eliminate a girl whitch name begins with the letter F. Right now I only have 4 girls whose name starts with F.

So today's girl leaving the competition is Flower Tucci!

Flower Tucci teasing

Eve Laurence, last eliminated girl was really new to me. As I said on her post I've never watched a scene of her! Flower Tucci goes on the other hand. She was one of the first pornstars I met at this huge business. At that time I was fascinated with squirting and Tucci is the queen of squirt! I think the first time I've seen her it was on the Squirt Gangbang II movie by Elegant Angel.

Flower is really a mistery to me. By that time I didn't quite like her. She is just a little bit fat for my taste and I think it's pretty clear that her type is not my favourite one. The mistery here is that she always left me with a question mark. Even though she is not my favourite type of woman I do think she is really hot and beautiful and with the squirt thing she could climb to my favourite list in one second. But that never happened. She has great scenes but something about her simply doesn't convince me.

 Flower Tucci's natural body

I like her strong legs and her natural bodie but Flower is one of the pornstars that actually may look even better with plastic boobies and the whole porn-queen look. Maybe. I'm not absolutely sure about that too but I do think it would be interesting to see that version of her. I'm a big fan of natural boobies but something tells me that Flower could get better with fake ones.

Anyway her boobies are not her strongest point. Flower Tucci has one of the greatest butts on the business and to that there's no argument: it is a big, round, delicious ass. Flower is a big fan of anal scenes since 2002 (according to IAFD) and has done many, many of them.

 What about that ass?

That picture above makes me think that I'm crazy by letting her go but I will repeat: there's something about her and her scenes that simply doesn't work for me. Flower has been around for a long, long time and has more than four hundred titles. Right now she is quite a veteran (more than ten years on the business) and there is no sign of the finish line for her. 

Flower's brunette look

Just like it happened with Deauxma, Flower Tucci shots with a huge amount of girls whitch includes some girls who are on my Top 75. That means Flower will appear on my HD on a scene or another...and I'm really glad about that because knowing that I will have some of her scenes makes my decision a little bit easier.

Flower Tucci and her huge ass

Name: Flower Tucci
Birth Date: 02/01/1978
Country: USA
Height: 1,68
Find Her:
Flower Tucci on Freeones
Flower Tucci on IAFD
Flower Tucci on Twitter