Saturday, May 5, 2012

Girl On The Competition 2: Bibi Jones

Day 7 it is! Time to finally meet the second girl who will make to the Competition List!
There's no time to waste so let's go! Following our schedule today's girl has to have a B-name!

The one I chose to go has a double B. She is relatively new on the business but has already made a solid fan base and a big name. I'm talking about the amazing Bibi Jones.

Bibi Jones great ass

When I first saw Bibi Jones she got my attention. I didn't think that she would become a favourite of mine but she definitely caught my attention. I first saw her on a Twistys set. I really like Twistys because they have a huge list of updates and a huge list of amazing girls but those softcore sites works with too much photoshop. Every girl looks like a plastic doll. I know many people like it but I think it's a little too much.
Anyway I thought Bibi had something special and then I went to search for her. She really is special.
Bibi Jones at Twistys. This is simply perfection...

I found many scenes of Bibi and realized she is even prettier being the real her than the photoshop doll. Even though she is a beautiful and young blonde girl with big fake tits and amazing blue eyes I think her beauty is so different from other girls. I don't know how to explain but I think her face is pretty unique and she is a truly goddess. Her smile is so beautiful.
  Bibi's smile and beautiful boobies

Bibi Jones only have a few titles under her belt and as I said before is quite new on the industry and has a long time ahead. Her natural beauty can take her really far.
Bibi's looks is one of my favourites and with that extra factor that I can't even explain what it is I definitely think her chances of grabbing one of the 25 open spots are really good.

Bibi Jones perfection.
Name: Bibi Jones
Birth Date: 23/07/1991
Country: USA
Height: 1,68
Find Her:
Bibi on Freeones
Bibi on IAFD 
Bibi on Twitter

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