Monday, May 14, 2012

Eliminated Girl 4: Deauxma

So here we are again! Time to eliminate another girl! It's been a while but it has to be done!
After Carmella Bing it's time to eliminate a girl whose name begins with the letter D.

This letter is kind of a weak one so far. Only 3 girls made my Top 75 list, 1 is still on the competition and I already have eliminated 8 girls. However today it is time to eliminate only one of those. My choice for today is a new kind of girl who is yet to be on the blog: a mature woman!

Monday's eliminated girl is Deauxma!

 Deauxma - hot mature woman with huge tits!

Deauxma is a beautiful woman of 52 years old. I found her at the Girlfriend Films movies. As I said many times before I'm a huge fan of girl-girl and solo stuff and Deauxma appears on a lot of Girlfriend Films production. I do think they are one of the best - if not the best - lesbian movies studios.

Deauxma fucks a lot of girls

I think I made it pretty clear already what kind of girl I like the most and I can tell that Deauxma is not my favourite one! What makes easier to eliminate some girls is that I'm sure some of them will have they spot at my HD on scenes with another woman that I truly like. Deauxma is one of those cases. She has done a lot of scenes with beautiful woman who may be on my Top 100! That makes me sure she has her place guaranteed.

Anyway I can't be unfair. Her scene with Veronica Avluv for the movie Road Queen 19 is a really good one and for a moment made me think if I was taking the right decision. But I didn't change my mind.

 Deauxma wih the hot Veronica Avluv. A lovely pair!

Deauxma has a huge pair of tits and is a squirter (fake it or not that counts point to me) but doesn't go further than that to me. I think it's amazing how people may have different tastes. She is actually at number 14 at the FreeOnes Ranking witch is a big surprise to me! She is definitely hot but to me there are many, many other girls who are better and hotter than her. I know that the rankings are not only about hottness (popularity also counts a lot) but yet 14 is a great effort in my opinion! Deauxma is the forth girl to leave the competition!

 Deuxma huge boobies. I could spend a lot of time with them!

Name: Deauxma
Birth Date: 21/01/1960
Country: USA
Height: 1,70
Find Her:
Deauxma on Freeones
Deauxma on IAFD 
Deauxma on Twitter

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