Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Girl On The Competition 3: Casey Chase

Here we are again and the journey continues!
Wednesday's updates brings girls who will fight for the 25 spots on my Top 100 List!

Right now we have Allie Haze and Bibi Jones on the list. They're both strong and have real chances of making part of the Top 100! It's time to introduce a new girl. Following our schedule, today's girl name begins with the letter C. That's a really strong letter. Many girls already on the Top 75 and many girls will fight for the 25 open spaces.

However, today we will focus only on Casey Chase!

 Casey Chase - pretty face and tiny body

Casey Chase is also known as Kasey Chase but I will keep her on the letter C. Casey or Kasey doesn't really matter. She still is a pretty hot girl! Casey is only 21 and is on the business since 2010 with only a few titles but has caught my attention. I must say that I actually saw her shot at FTV Girls (one of my favourite sites) but never really thought a lot about her.

It was only when I saw a picture of her being fucked that I tought: who's that girl? Her face was absolutely amazing on that picture and even though I know it could be only a good picture for a regular girl I felt that she was a girl I could spend sometime looking for. I think it was really worth it.

That's the picture that drove me insane and made me a Casey's fan

Casey has everything a girl must have to make into my top 100. One of the most beautiful faces on the porn industry. A slim perfect body, natural boobies and a great ass. She shots for my favourite companies and sites (FTV Girls, ALSScan, Girlfriend Films). And she has a gorgeous pussy too. 

I think I can talk about her for lines and lines but showing pictures can make you see Casey's beauty on a better and easier way. She is definitely on the rise and I think she will become a superstar pretty soon.

 Casey's pretty body

Casey is pretty new to me and that's why I haven't seen many of her scenes. Yet I know she can become a favourite of mine soon. I also must talk about Casey's ass. I think it's really, really beautiful. It is tiny and round. Absolutely perfect.

Casey's ass is just perfect!

That's it! Casey is the third girl on the competition and will have a shot to make into my Top 100 List! A gorgeous woman with so many qualities!
Casey Chase's beauty
Name: Casey Chase
Birth Date: 13/04/1991
Country: USA
Height: 1,62
Find Her:
Casey Chase on Freeones
Casey Chase on IAFD

Casey Chase on Twitter

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