Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eliminated Girl 6: Flower Tucci

Hello again! Let's move on! There are hundreds of girls to analyze yet!
Today is thurday and that means we have to eliminate another girl.

After Eve Laurence, we have to eliminate a girl whitch name begins with the letter F. Right now I only have 4 girls whose name starts with F.

So today's girl leaving the competition is Flower Tucci!

Flower Tucci teasing

Eve Laurence, last eliminated girl was really new to me. As I said on her post I've never watched a scene of her! Flower Tucci goes on the other hand. She was one of the first pornstars I met at this huge business. At that time I was fascinated with squirting and Tucci is the queen of squirt! I think the first time I've seen her it was on the Squirt Gangbang II movie by Elegant Angel.

Flower is really a mistery to me. By that time I didn't quite like her. She is just a little bit fat for my taste and I think it's pretty clear that her type is not my favourite one. The mistery here is that she always left me with a question mark. Even though she is not my favourite type of woman I do think she is really hot and beautiful and with the squirt thing she could climb to my favourite list in one second. But that never happened. She has great scenes but something about her simply doesn't convince me.

 Flower Tucci's natural body

I like her strong legs and her natural bodie but Flower is one of the pornstars that actually may look even better with plastic boobies and the whole porn-queen look. Maybe. I'm not absolutely sure about that too but I do think it would be interesting to see that version of her. I'm a big fan of natural boobies but something tells me that Flower could get better with fake ones.

Anyway her boobies are not her strongest point. Flower Tucci has one of the greatest butts on the business and to that there's no argument: it is a big, round, delicious ass. Flower is a big fan of anal scenes since 2002 (according to IAFD) and has done many, many of them.

 What about that ass?

That picture above makes me think that I'm crazy by letting her go but I will repeat: there's something about her and her scenes that simply doesn't work for me. Flower has been around for a long, long time and has more than four hundred titles. Right now she is quite a veteran (more than ten years on the business) and there is no sign of the finish line for her. 

Flower's brunette look

Just like it happened with Deauxma, Flower Tucci shots with a huge amount of girls whitch includes some girls who are on my Top 75. That means Flower will appear on my HD on a scene or another...and I'm really glad about that because knowing that I will have some of her scenes makes my decision a little bit easier.

Flower Tucci and her huge ass

Name: Flower Tucci
Birth Date: 02/01/1978
Country: USA
Height: 1,68
Find Her:
Flower Tucci on Freeones
Flower Tucci on IAFD
Flower Tucci on Twitter

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