Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eliminated Girl 5: Eve Laurence

Tuesday's update! I know I'm a little late but let's hope I can make some new updates for all the days!
Since we have have little time to waste, let's introduce another girl who will leave the competition!

Today's girl must have the letter E in the beggining of her name. So far I've only eliminated three girls on the E letter and it was a hard choice to choose one of those to let go today. The other two will have another chance to change my mind at least until I complete all the letters and get to the E again.

Eliminated girl number five is...Eve Laurence!

Eve Laurence - busty girl

I didn't know Eve Laurence until I began this new quest for 25 new girls to add to my 75 favourites. I think it was just bad luck because I think she really is something at the porn industry. IAFD says she has almost 170 titles under her belt and she is active since 2004. Those are big stats.

Maybe I have seen her before but didn't quite notice her. And I think that would be kind of normal. Eve is not my type and I was really glad I could choose her to eliminate today. The other two "E-girls" that I actually have on my Eliminated List have chances to get out of it and move to the Competition List. Eve Laurence doesn't have that chance anymore. At least from now.

Eve's front and back

Eve Laurence is another busty hot woman. But then again I can tell that her type is not my favourite one. She is really hot and her body is amazing: nice butt and a big delicious pair of boobies. Her face is not the prettiest one around but I think it's ok.

Another thing that makes my decision a little bit easier is the fact that Eve is a hardcore girl. She has tons of boy-girl scenes including anal. She does have a few solo and lesbian scenes but I think she really likes a cock.

 Eves Laurence - big boobies and huge smile

I still coudn't find any Eve's scene with the girls who are already at my top 75 so I still don't know if she will show up at my HD but I wish her good luck! As I said before I only came to meet Eve Laurence a few weeks ago and I haven't watched any scenes with her. Maybe it's a little bit unfair and even though she is not the most beautiful girl to me she might be a great performer but right now I don't even feel like I want to give her that shot.

That's it. Goodbye number 5 goes to Eve Laurence! Tomorrow we will meet the third girl who is on the competition!

Eve's  pussy

Name: Eve Laurence
Birth Date: 04/10/1985
Country: USA
Height: 1,70
Find Her:
Eve Laurence on Freeones
Eve Laurence on IAFD 
Eve Laurence on Twitter

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