Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Updates 1

Friday time folks! Friday is the Update Day! I know we have it last Tuesday but I'm getting back to the original schedule. I promise this won't take long so let's go!

Right now my Top 100 List still has only one girl on it: the wonderful Meggan Mallone! In order to not put the entire chart again since we have only one girl, let's take a look at the Top 100 List at the moment:

Soon she will have the companie of 74 amazing girls and 25 more yet to be decided. Those girls fighting for a spot on the list are on The Competition List. So far that list counts with only one girl too. But the competition will be though and many other beautiful girls are coming to war. Right now Allie Haze reigns alone:

Sadly I also have a 3rd chart. The Eliminated Girls list is made by the girls who are out of the competition and will not be part of my top 100. So far we have 3 girls on the list: the beautiful Ashlyn Rae and two busty girls: Brandy Talore and Carmella Bing.

I never thought it would be so hard to eliminate some girls! In fact none of those three were favourites of mine and yet it was pretty hard to take that decision. I think it will only get thougher.
So that's what we have so far!
Tomorrow we will get to know the 2nd girl who will make company to Allie Haze and will fight for one of the 25 spots! See you!

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