Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Girl On The Competition 1: Allie Haze

So here we go! Finally Day 4 with the first girl on the "Competition List".
To the Girls On The Competition I chose to go with a similar schedule as for the Eliminated Girls.
It means that I will start with a girl whose name starts with the letter A.

So the girl who will have the honour to open the Competition List will be...Allie Haze!

I must admit that when I first saw Allie she didn't get mt attention. I thought she looked a little chubby and with quite an average looking.

 Quite an old set from Allie Haze when she wasn't that good looking at my opinion

I quickly forgot about her. It was a long time after that I got to see her again on a scene with Tori Black on Tori's site. She was definitely looking better and she caught my attention. In fact, Allie and Tori have a lot in common even though I think it's cowardice to compare any girl with Tori's beauty.
Back to Allie: I think it's even more notable that she caught my attention on a scene with Tori Black and that's when I realized she has quite a big chance of making my Top 100 and filling one of the 25 open spots.

Allie Haze with Tori Black

The thing about Allie is that she looks really sweet. Her smile is just perfect. I do think that she doesn't look THAT good on each and every picture but only a few girls can look that hot all the time. Allie's butt is also a very, very strong point for her.

As I said before I think that what really makes Allie special is her look. She doesn't really look like a pornstar. Natural small boobies, a pretty face and a sweet smile. Allie already made her name on the industry and  I think we are going to hear a lot about her on the near future.
That's it for today! Allie Haze is the first one on the Competition List and I got admit: she has good chances of breaking into my Top 100!

One of my favourite pics of Allie Haze. That smile is so beautiful!

Name: Allie Haze
Birth Date: 10/05/1987
Country: USA
Height: 1,70
Find Her:
Allie on Freeones
Allie on IAFD 
Allie on Twitter

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