Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back to Work

So finally here we are again! Before I get to the first girl who is on the competition for one of the 25 open spots on my list I would like to apologize for the long time with no updates.
Unfortunately I couldn't update the blog the way I want and I was still searching for many girls.

Right now I think I managed to make a big advance in my quest. As I told you before I already have 75 girls who are on my all-time favourite list. 25 spots are open for new girls and a incredible huge number of girls will be eliminated from the competition. Right now I have:
75 girls on the all time favourite
65 girls on the competition
95 girls already eliminated.

In order to don't get lost I came up with 3 different charts:

The Top 100 Girl List:
The 25 different spots at the end are the ones yet to be decided.

Girl Number 1: Meggan Mallone

 The Competition List (empty for now):

 And finally, the Elminated Girls Chart:

Girl Number 1: Ashlyn Rae
Girl Number 2: Brandy Talore

Ok! Now I think we're ready to go! So...next up is the first girl who will fight for one of the remaining spots on my list!

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