Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eliminated Girl 3: Carmella Bing

So here we are to day number 5! Since today it's a Thursday, it's time to another beautiful girl leave the competition. This time I will have to give up of a woman whose name starts with the letter C.
Curiously the letter "C" seems to be a good letter to myself. Only 4 girls were eliminated, 8 girls are already on my Top 100 List and another 4 are on the Competition List.
Anyway today it's time to let go of a girl. Today it's bye-bye to Carmella Bing!

Carmella Bing is a busty beautiful baby. I have to say that her face is not my favourite. I do think that she is beautiful but not really my type. Also she has those amazing big boobies. It's definitely her strenght and the biggest reason I'm finding very difficult to let her go. Carmella is around for a long time and has done a little bit of everything.

 Carmella giant boobies and Gianna Michaels, another goddess of big boobies

The thing for me is that even though those boobies are fantastic she still can't make it over a whole bunch of girls who pleases me more. I would also like to emphasize that Carmella fits into a totally different cattegory of Brandy Talore, the other busty woman who already left the competition. While Brandy is a little more chubby from feet to head, Carmella is definitely a really hot girl with an amazing body.

Carmella's boobies hanging around

Well it's hard to let every women go but there are many choices to be done. Unfortunately Carmella will not have a shot for one of the 25 spots remaining!

 Carmella's good-bye

Name: Carmella Bing
Birth Date: 21/10/1981
Country: USA
Height: 1,78
Find Her:
Carmella on Freeones
Carmella on IAFD 
Carmella on Twitter

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