Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eliminated Girl 2: Brandy Talore

Hello! Let's move on to day 3 with another eliminated girl. Following the schedule I ended up coming with tonight it is time to a girl beggining with the letter B to leave the competition.

It is though to eliminate every single girl that I'm giving up of the content but only 25 are going to make it.

Unlikely Ashlyn Rae, yesterday's eliminated girl, the girl who is leaving the competition tonight never really turned my head. She is Brandy Talore (or Brandy Taylor).

Brandy is a beautiful women with amazing natural breasties and long nipples. I think any man could spend days having fun with her big boobies! Unfortunately that's not the kind of girl I'm most into.
As you may see by my two first posts Brandy fits into a total different cattegory of girl.
I'm just not THAT much into bigger or chubby girls even though Brandy's breasts could keep her in the competition with a little bit more luck.

The thing is - apart from her breasts - Brandy becomes to me a very regular girl. Her face and looks are not that good and as I said before, chubby girls are far from being my favourite ones.

So it's goodbye to Brandy Talore and her powerfull boobies! 

I am really excited about the blog right now as everyday it becomes something more real. I hope I can get some readers as soon as possible so we can analyze our different opinions!

I also realize that it's very hard to take a girl out of the competition. Even the ones that are far from being favourites. It will probably be a task harder and harder everyday but I'm up to the challenge!

Tomorrow I will present the first girl on the Potential List of becoming one of my 25 new favourites!

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