Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eliminated Girl 1: Ashlyn Rae

Hello everyone and welcome to day 2. It's a little bit late but that counts as a Monday Post. That means that this is my first eliminated girl. I thought I wouldn't have any trouble in choosing any girl from my "no-list". I was wrong. It became very hard to choose who would be the first one I would talk about. 

The fact is that I already eliminated a lot of girls from the 25 spot race. Some of them are porn queens, some are really unknown. At the end of the day I chose to go with a girl starting with the letter A so I could create a schedule of the eliminated girls themselves. Tomorrow I choose one beggining with B and so it goes...

Okay. I turned my huge list into something much smaller. I still couldn't decide. So I ended up chosing a girl that I thought would be more than a sure on my 100 list but happened to be out of it.

I'm talking about the gorgeous and adorable Ashlyn Rae.

I do think Ashlyn is a talent. She is a young beautiful girl with amazing tits and truly beauty. The thing is that something about her does not convince me. As I said before I'm a huge fan of girl-girl and solo stuff. So if a girl is getting a place into my list it's really important that she can "survive by herself". What I mean is that she needs to get my attention all the time That is not the case with Ashlyn. I do think she has such a good look that can hypnotize a lot of people. Sadly that's not the case with me.

So Ashlyn Rae is my first girl to go home. It was pretty hard to eliminate her at the first time I decided to but no regrets. She will have her place at my HD with the amazing scene between her and Capri Anderon shot for Brazzers.

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