Monday, February 20, 2012

Top 75 List: Girl 1 - Meggan Mallone

So here we go from the beggining. I couldn't start this blog with another girl but Meggan Mallone. Something like 4 years ago I found Meggan. She was my first "passion" in porn and the girl who actually introduced me to the porn world.
I accidentally found one of her FTV Girls videos on the internet and fell in love with such a beautiful girl! I watched it over and over before figuring out that I had to find more about that girl. 
I thinks she is just perfect. Amazing eyes, butt, legs and smile. I also love her hair.

Back on track: once I found who Meggan was I decided to look for her on the Internet. That's when I finally entered the porn world. I ended up downloading tons of Meggan stuff and realize it wouldn't be enough. 

Unfortunately I also found out that Meggan Mallone was already doing hardcore and also had a boob job. I think it was actually a pretty good one even though I prefer her with her natural boobs. At that point I think she was still one of the most amazing girls on the net but wasn't the most perfect as before.

Anyway now she is retired and all we can have is old material. Haven't heard a lot of her lately besides the fact she became a mom and I hardly think she will make a comeback.

Fortunately ALS Scan still has some new stuff from her being launched now and then so we can still enjoy some rare new things from her!

I really think is a huge accomplishment that she was my first crush on the porn world and until today after I got to know more than 1000 pornstars she still remains untouchable as one of of my top 10.  

So what do you think of Meggan? Feel free to express yourself!

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