Monday, April 8, 2013

Eliminated Girl 7: Gianna Michaels

Hello again! And it's monday! It is time to eliminate another beautiful girl of the competition!

Following Flower Tucci's goodbye, we have to eliminate a girl whitch name begins with the letter G.

The girl that I chose is a real big star..Gianna Michaels!

Gianna Michaels and her milk bottle
Gianna Michaels is clearly a great pornstar. She has been an all time favourite of many people and her Freeones rank is really consistent and high (she is currentely at nÂș10). But Gianna is a big example of diversity of taste. I think it's pretty cool to see that not everyone likes a pornstar so popular like her. It will happen to a lot of great pornstars that I've yet to analyze and I know some people will consider me crazy. But as I said before diversity is what gives eveyone's opinion importance and meaning.

Gianna is not a new girl to me. She has been on the business since 2004 and has more than four hundred scenes on her gallery. Just like Flower Tucci, last eliminated girl, I know Gianna for years and years.
My first contact with her was on one of my favourite sites, FTV Girls. She is known as Becky there.

 Gianna Michaels as Becky on her FTV Shot

At that point I think I already made it clear that girls with a little extra weight are not my favourites. I absolutely can't call Gianna a fat girl but I'm more into skinny girls.She is hot on her way and her contless fans are proof enough of it.

As a big, big fan of gorgeous and big boobies I have to give some credit to Gianna Michaels. She has an absolutely amazing pair of natural and giant boobies. They're really hot.

Yet a girl can't be counted only by her boobies. I'm not the biggest fan of Gianna's face. She has amazing eyes and a slutty look that really pleases me but something always bothers me on her face. Don't know if it's her strange nose or just the combination of little things. But no, I don't think she is pretty.

 Gianna Michaels licks her amazing boobies. Not enough.

 I'm not a fan of Gianna but I also have to admit: she has an incredible big ass. Both Flower Tucci and Gianna Michaels are well known for her big and delicious asses. But Gianna also has the giant boobies so she has the advantage.

Gianna's enormous ass

I really don't have a lot to say about Gianna because she never conviced me and I think I only watched two of her scenes. I've seen her on a few lesbian scenes among her hundreds of movies and that's another negative point for her. She has more than four hundred movies and really few lesbian scenes. She could gain some points with me if she was more into girls. Deauxma, another girl that I chose to eliminated is a perfect example: I'm not into mature woman and she is not great to me either but her countless lesbian scenes made the decision of cutting her from the competition a lot more painful.

 Gianna shoud definitely fuck more girls!

That huge ass, the beautiful pussy, the perfect boobies and that slutty face should take Gianna to my favourite list but taste is taste and she is definitely eliminated. I'm sure she is not going to miss me either because she has a lot of fans and a really good spot at the porn business.

Gianna Michaels says good-bye!

Name: Gianna Michaels
Birth Date: 06/06/1983
Country: USA
Height: 1,78
Find Her:
Gianna Michaels on Freeones
Gianna Michaels on IAFD
Gianna Michaels on Twitter

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